PORTAL collection предметы интерьера из старых наличников.

Наличники из Удмуртии и Севера России. Из старых домов под снос. Собраны по частям, реставрированы с минимальным вторжением в фактуру, сохранив свою подлинность, как дань уважения истории.

PORTAL Collection — home furnishings from architraves of the past. These are timeless pieces of the provincial world inscribed into modern urban life. The Collection is authentic to the senses.  It touches the rich history reflecting the values of our past while not turning away from the future. Architraves from the PORTAL Collection are found in abandoned and ready to be demolished houses in Udmurtya, a northern Russian region. They are assembled part by part and restored with minimal change to the texture, all while retaining its identity as a tribute to history.